About Us

The SCPU School of Theology is committed to providing education and formation of the highest quality for priests, permanent deacons, and lay ministers. The school has developed a variety of tools to assess achievement and degree program effectiveness. Faculty and staff regularly review this assessment data, and the school provides ample support to promote student success.

As a school, our vision and goal for the community is that the learning and training experience be academically challenging, spiritually invigorating, culturally diverse and educationally engaging. Our desire is that the time spent in our learning community will inspire leaders who are biblically and theologically informed, contextually relevant, globally aware, missionally oriented, wise in judgment, and trustworthy in all matters.

We offer doctoral degrees, masters degrees, and certificates that prepare students to preach, to teach, to minister, and to lead. We also edify those who seek a greater understanding of themselves or their faith tradition. Our graduates become prison ministers, priests, parish life coordinators, hospital chaplains, theology teachers and canon lawyers. While we are loyal to Church teachings, we are not satisfied with the short answers. We strive to grasp the deeper meanings of our rich faith tradition and apply them to 21st-century questions.

Email - info@cbcl.ch