Welcome to SCPU School of Theology

Ecole de Theologie SCPU (SCPU School of Theology) is a part of SCPU, registerd in the Swiss Canton of Vaud (IDE/UID CHE-114.105.060).

It offers a range of religious programs and is part of the Global Christian Schools Network.

Students undertake a systematic study of biblical and Christian traditions, consider what these traditions teach us with respect to the world we live in, and look at how such lessons form a basis for seeking meaning in life, in worldly existence, and in history. Our ultimate aim is to produce graduates who will make meaningful contributions to our modern society.

With a commitment to Christ, the Church, and the Scriptures, SCPU School of Theology's programs seek to cultivate students’ intellectual and spiritual growth and prepare them to explore religious, cultural, and moral issues of the church, society, and world. Whether you are called to be a pastor, missionary, worship leader, elder, teacher, or lay person, SCPU School of Theology's programs equip students with a foundational knowledge of Bible and theology that you can apply to the activities of daily life, ministry, and vocation.



We offer a range of programs from single subject certificate level all the way up to doctoral degrees. The flexibility of the courses makes it possible to learn a single new counselling skill or build up credits to apply for a formal qualification.(more)

Flexible Study Options

Flexible, well-structured and contemporary in focus, our programs will appeal to aspiring students at all levels, who wish to gain a solid theological and educational grounding to become religious educators and community leaders. (more)

Global Christian Schools Network

The Global Christian Schools Network (GCSN) is a network of universities, institutes, colleges and schools that share a common heritage of independence, theological foundation, and priorities beyond secular and public educational strategies.(more)